Mobile workstyles are becoming mainstream – both in enterprises and SMBs. A recent study by AMI partners found that SMB employees, like their enterprise counterparts, use an average of three devices at work, and over 50% of these devices are employee-owned. With the accelerating growth in BYO and mobility, IT is getting consumerized and this is causing a fundamental shift in IT priorities. The same AMI study found that the top 3 IT priorities in SMBs are: a) providing secure remote access to corporate apps and data, b) enabling employees to work from any device, and c) reducing IT infrastructure and costs.

Companies are increasingly turning to desktop virtualization to address these needs. But to enable broad adoption, the technology needs to be simple to deploy, easy to manage, and cost-efficient.

Dell and Citrix have been collaborating to simplify desktop virtualization. Earlier this year, Dell introduced DVS Simplified Appliance – the industry’s first turnkey VDI appliance that delivers a simple, repeatable VDI solution. DVS Simplified Appliance factory-ships with Citrix VDI-in-a-Box to eliminate over 60% of the cost and time involved in deploying virtual desktops. Each DVS Simplified Appliance is rated for a certain desktop capacity and comes pre-loaded with VDI-in-a-Box. Simply power on the appliance, load your desktop master image, and you are ready to deploy virtual desktops. Scale by simply snapping together the DVS Simplified appliances like Lego blocks. High-availability is built-in and users get a rich virtual desktop experience with HDX and Receiver.

This approach is proving popular with customers, and Dell is building on the success of the DVS Simplified Appliance with an updated appliance that packs in a lot more punch for the same affordable price. The new appliance uses the latest 12th generation servers to increase efficiency by over 66%. Dell is adding a tower configuration to the existing rack configuration and expanding the choice of hypervisors to include Hyper-V in addition to XenServer. The new appliance gets additional capabilities as well with a refresh of the software to the latest VDI-in-a-Box 5.1. The VDI-in-a-Box 5.1 release includes layering technology with personal vDisks so that user personalization including user-installed apps and data are preserved while IT still maintains the efficiency of a single master image. With all these new features, the cost remains the same. Dell has kept the cost of the appliance at under $500/user (the cost includes the server, the VDI-in-a-Box software, and 3 years of support). A new 50-seat configuration has been added to provide a very affordable entry point for customers.  Dell is also offering a new “Starter Kit” bundle promotion of the appliance + 100 user licenses + 100  Dell Wyse T10 thin clients for just $500 per user in the US.

We are excited by the potential of the new DVS Simplified appliances to further the goal of making desktop virtualization simple and affordable. To learn more, go to