More and more Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) are moving to CloudPortal Services Manager to manage the delivery of their hosted apps and desktops.  I was just talking to a CSP at Citrix Synergy Barcelona who is excited about moving to CloudPortal Services Manager because he was amazed at how easy to provision applications, including Hosted Exchange.  But how would he monitor his CloudPortal Services Manager environment?  We got the answer to that question today with the announcement of the ComTrade Management Pack for CloudPortal Services Manager.  This new pack will help service providers measure, monitor and manage the provisioning of hosted apps, desktops and cloud services, and what’s really interesting is that it will deliver a complete end-to-end view of their CloudPortal Services Manager environment from within Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.  The main reason this is so important is that CSPs can monitor their environment in real time.  So they can catch performance issues such as connectivity and availability as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you are at Citrix Synergy Barcelona, be sure to check out the ComTrade booth for a demonstration.