As the Citrix HDX System-on-Chip (SoC) initiative gets ready to celebrate its first anniversary since being unveiled here on stage at Synergy Barcelona, Citrix partners continue to radically alter the dynamics of enterprise desktop virtualization by delivering game changing end points to the marketplace. At the Synergy Barcelona 2011 keynote, Citrix introduced an ecosystem of new device partners committed to providing HDX technology on innovative end point devices based on standard reference architecture from leading SoC manufacturers.

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton promised that the new SoC initiative would foster a wave of product innovation aimed at bringing the power of desktop virtualization to entirely new categories of devices and enterprise use cases while boldly predicting that the SoC partner ecosystem would enable the first sub-$100 HDX capable devices, forever changing the economics of virtual computing.

Almost a year later, our partners have more than met this daunting challenge as the first wave of SoC-based devices are now widely available in the marketplace while several new devices are being introduced this week in Barcelona.

Building on the Synergy San Francisco momentum

At Synergy San Francisco, Citrix partners introduced the first wave of transformative end point devices.  The single Ethernet cable, low power HPt410 AIO Smart Zero client, along with the first set of price-performance solutions from Atrust, Centerm, NComputing and ThinLinx are now available.  These transformative solutions reduce the cost of high-performance HDX verified thin clients by more than 50%, dramatically lowering the acquisition cost of thin or zero clients. Among the first to market, NComputing’s N-Series solutions offer compelling price-performance and have already notched multiple design wins with several thousand units already shipped to enterprise customers across the globe.

New SoC-based products announced from Fujitsu and LG Electronics

New SoC-based end points from Fujitsu and LG Electronics are being showcased here in Barcelona.  Fujitsu is introducing the Futro Z220, an innovative product offering that allows customers with a single product to go from a zero client (auto adaptive mode) to a fully managed mode depending on the needs of the enterprise. LG continues its strong HDX SoC support by announcing and showcasing three new LG Cloud T-Series All-in-One (AIO) and zero client cloud display devices capable of reducing the workload and cost of IT management while providing HDX capabilities for outstanding performance. The Fujitsu and LG solutions along with other end points from Atrust, ChipPC, DellWyse, IGEL, NComputing and Samsung are on display in the Solution Expo hall at Synergy Barcelona.   Click here to keep up with the latest SoC product announcements and innovative HDX solution offerings from our ever-expanding partner ecosystem.

Breaking the magical $100 price point

A year ago, Citrix made headlines by stating that the Citrix HDX SoC initiative would forever alter the price performance of desktop virtualization.  Today in Barcelona, Centerm announced that the GM810 SoC-based cloud device is now available globally at $99 USD, becoming the first shipping, HDX capable cloud device to break the $100 price point for a single unit and providing a market changing entry point for enterprise desktop virtualization. Citrix Ready SoC will continue reduce the acquisition cost of HDX verified end points, dramatically driving down the cost of virtual computing and providing more complete solutions to enterprises, the public sector and SMBs, enabling organizations of all sizes to deliver anywhere, anytime access to desktops, applications and data to users.

Where does the HDX Ready SoC initiative go from here?

As we return again to Barcelona, it has been a breathtaking twelve months for the HDX SoC initiative which continues to be an amazing success, exceeding even the boldest of expectations. The first wave of SoC devices have been verified under the new Citrix Ready program.  Citrix is currently tracking nearly 20 devices from more than 10 partners based on standard HDX reference architecture from four SoC silicon manufacturers.  For additional background on the new Citrix Ready verification levels and user benefits along with the latest HDX SoC partner verification status please visit the new HDX Ready home page.