At Synergy Barcelona Citrix announced a new collaboration with partners that will deliver Design Engineer Virtual Workstation solutions to meet the growing demand for secure anytime, anywhere access to 3D design applications.

Partners have agreed that the goal is to help customers harness the value of their globally disperse resource base in a secure and efficient way.

To build out a vibrant ecosystem that enables this, we are defining  “Citrix Ready HDX 3D Verified ”, a new verification category identifying that a solution is tested and verified by Citrix for customers to incorporate in their IT deployments.

We are happy to see a tremendous interest from our partners in wanting to help put together this ecosystem.  Autodesk, Siemens, Intergraph, Parametric, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM Fujitsu, Lenovo and Devon IT and Nvidia are working with Citrix Ready to deliver our first set of reference design.

This ecosystem includes four major components:

Device and end point partners, professional graphics software vendors (ISVs), systems and graphics card hardware providers and cloud partners,  who will be required to pass a specific set of tests that have been designed for each category. Upon successfully completion, the partner will be awarded “Citrix Ready HDX 3D Verified status”.

These intensive compute applications, systems and their associated endpoints will then be tested in a cloud based deployment running the graphics intensive ISV workloads to complete the solution.

At Citrix Ready we are looking forward to working with our partners to forge ahead and build deliver this new verification for customers. Our technology and marketing teams will collaborate with partners to deliver a Citrix Ready reference design and best practice guideline that accelerates planning and implementation to deliver predictable performance.