Design engineering is going global – as companies strive to leverage offshore design talent, there is a growing need to securely and efficiently collaborate.  With the improvements in hardware acceleration, technology is at a point where designers can have a workstation-like experience with a virtual desktop or application – from anywhere at any time. These dual trends are leading to heightened interest in delivering anytime anwyhere access to CAD/CAM applications.

At Citrix, we are witnessing this increasing demand and are addressing it – not just with our own products, but with a partner ecosystem.  Why? Because at the end of the day, customers are looking for validated end-to-end architectures that address their design engineering needs.

At Synergy Barcelona, we released our Designer Virtual Workstation solution that combines the support in our own products with a newly formed CitrixReady HDX verified partner ecosystem initiative that encompasses the devices, systems, graphics cards, and cloud providers. You can read all the details here.  New virtualized GPU architectures are making high-performance affordable.  See Derek Thorslund’s blog on the new advances in this space.

If you are at Synergy Barcelona, come to the expo hall where many of our partners are showing cool demos with HDX 3D!