As IT continues to be forever changed by the adoption of cloud-based services, leading adopters and providers have to look for ways to broaden their reach and embrace openness to thrive.  Cloud services that require a long term contract or lack of interoperability miss the entire point of what made cloud computing so attractive in the first place.

That’s where Citrix CloudBridge comes in. CloudBridge sits at the “back door” of the enterprise datacenter, and lets customers tap into excess capacity in the public cloud in the most secure, efficient way possible. Using CloudBridge, enterprises can transparently shift low risk workloads to the public cloud, while keeping sensitive data assets (including databases and corporate directories) safely on-premise. With Citrix CloudBridge, enterprises can augment their datacenters with the infinite capacity and elastic efficiency provided by cloud providers.

Today, we’re pleased to announce two key new partnerships that highlight the critical importance of secure, optimized access in a world of many clouds:

  • Citrix CloudBridge for Amazon Web Services – Amazon Web Services is the largest “mega-cloud” provider, providing flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services to users around the world. CloudBridge for Amazon, available in November,  will allow enterprises to move production workloads to public clouds more easily. It also allows them to consume CloudBridge as a service from Amazon in a usage-based model, which is perfect for many short-term cloud projects.  This approach also makes it easy for IT to offer secure, high performance cloud capacity to employees as a seamless extension of their existing IT services, including charge-back billing.
  • Citrix CloudBridge for Microsoft Azure – Platform as a service (PaaS) is the next cloud segment slated to grow exponentially as developers and architects begin to source their projects natively in the cloud. Gartner predicts the PaaS market to grow to $3 billion by 2016. Microsoft Azure is positioned to take a large share of this market with a scalable, developer-centric offering, that is soon slated to add IaaS functionality as well. A tech preview for CloudBridge for Azure will be available in December.

Citrix strongly believes networking between clouds to be a cornerstone capability for cloud adoption and will continue to broaden its portfolio of cloud partners. Remember, on most occasions, the journey can be as interesting as the destination!