In conjunction with Citrix Synergy Barcelona 2012, the XenClient team is pleased to announce the latest release of our extreme-security client virtualization solution, XenClient XT 3.

XenClient XT 3, a type 1 client virtualization solution, is designed for organizations with the highest security requirements, including public sector customers requiring specific certifications. XenClient XT delivers the client-side virtualization of XenClient in a multi-level secure local virtual desktop solution with the highest levels of isolation and security. Unprecedented scalability and performance provide an optimal experience for even the most demanding security user cases.

The XT 3 release embraces extensibility, allowing Citrix partners and 3rd parties to add enhanced capabilities to the solution through service appliance VM’s. In this most recent release of XenClient XT, Citrix has introduced centralized management capabilities through Synchronizer XT, in addition to expanding its hardware compatibility list.

The additional feature set includes:

• An Independent Management synchronizer to perform updates and control VM policies via a remote connection. Called Synchronizer XT, it has a UI or Command Line Interface and can run on most Linux distributions.

• The ability to isolate each physical network device into predetermined direct VM’s, each with independent security, network and VPN policies.

• A Software Development Kit that enables system integrators, ISVs, OEM’s and other 3rd parties to develop and distribute Linux Service VM appliances. For example, service VM’s can be developed to perform memory introspection or create specialized VPN networks.

• XenClient XT 3 further supports select Intel® vPro* enterprise desktops and laptops based on 2nd and 3rd Generation Intel Core vPro processors as well as continuing support of Intel® Virtualization Technology and Intel® Trusted Execution.

• XT 3 retains an updated and improved hardened hypervisor layer which includes SSL and SELinux enhancements. Moreover, XT 3 meets several government compliance requirements including PL3 and PL4.

Further blogs will begin to explore each of the these select features, describing in detail how each of these technologies can bring additional compliance to your business as well as providing opportunities for differentiation and innovation within your environment. For more information regarding XenClient XT, please contact Matt Powell (

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