StorageZone Connectors enables ShareFile clients’ access to legacy network shares that are on the intranet. With StorageZone Connectors, you can enable your mobile work force to access files that would otherwise be difficult to access when on the run. The goal is to enable access to all legacy data sources in the enterprise.

Key Benefits

  • Enable access from the ShareFile tools to existing legacy data
  • Facilitates the transition from network shares to ShareFile storage.
  • You don’t need to migrate your all your data (boil the ocean).


  • Enables read-only access to legacy network shares
  • Available on the iPad and iPhone ShareFile clients
  • Maintain the ease of use of the ShareFile clients.
  • Network Shares appear as root level folders on ShareFile
  • Use your enterprise credentials to access the data

StorageZones vs. StorageZone Connectors

StorageZones allows you to storage files in your network rather than in our managed cloud storage. With StorageZones, you get ShareFile’s full set of features including sync/versioning, auditing, reporting, etc.

On the other hand, StorageZone Connectors enables access to existing legacy network shares with our mobile tools (iPad/iPhone). Access to this data is limited to a subset of ShareFile’s features set.


  • Windows 2008 R2 server with IIS.
  • DMZ reverse proxy, ideally NetScaler.
  • Latest ShareFile client from the AppStore.


After installing the StorageZone Connectors, you need to register it with your ShareFile account. The registration allows you to map a network share with a top level folder in your ShareFile account.

How does StorageZone Connectors work?

Once you click on the top level folder that points to a network share, the client will be instructed to start talking to the StorageZone Connectors. StorageZones Connectors will ask the client for credentials. At this point, there is no more interactions with


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