This week at the Citrix Synergy event, we announced a great new feature of ShareFile Enterprise that we are calling “On-demand Sync”. Customers who are providing hosted desktops or hosted apps for their users have traditionally not been able to seamlessly integrate file sharing products because they use too much local storage and/or IOPS to be effective in those environments. When you have 100 users all sharing a single server you don’t want them to each also have several GB of local data that is constantly being synchronized. We designed a solution specifically for these scenarios and we are including it with ShareFile Sync for Windows in the next release coming later this quarter.

The way it works is seamless for end users. When they use Windows Explorer or click File…Open in applications like Microsoft Word they see all their data just like they expect. When they access a document, it is downloaded and cached locally from the ShareFile cloud or from ShareFile on-premise storage. For admins, this is a huge improvement as only a few kilobytes of metadata is synchronized and the file is only pulled into the session when the users are directly accessing the file.

We are excited to bring great new features like “On-demand Sync” to Enterprises providing solutions to the problems Enterprise IT is facing. If you want to learn more about ShareFile, please visit

Peter Schulz

ShareFile Product Management