I’ll admit it, my pantry is crammed full of baby food, cereal, snacks (healthy of course!) and anything that can help me make a quick meals. I’m surprised the doors still close and shelves don’t collapse. As I cram and stack the shelves I don’t often think about the actual pantry or the little add-on benefits it offers. For instance, how the doors close smoothly and quietly thanks to the dampeners or how the little trays slide out for easier access.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself…wow, she really likes her pantry OR where is she going with this? Well, while it might be a stretch, I’m thinking about storage. Specifically, I’m thinking about NetApp storage.

We talk a lot about desktops and applications and the importance of getting them into the hands of every user, at any time, on any device. Being a frequent business traveler (and a busy mom) you can’t downplay the importance of being able to have the flexibility to work from anywhere securely and consistently. Of course, as a user, I don’t often think about the infrastructure that’s required to meet my access needs. Storage is an integral part of a successful desktop virtualization solution. Without it, how would we scale to offer our users multiple desktops for multiple devices with controlled access to applications and data?

Beyond simply storing information though, NetApp and Citrix work together to ensure our technologies work and can be easily integrated together. Much like my pantry, NetApp storage provides not only a strong storage infrastructure, but it’s optimized for Citrix by offering management and provisioning  plug-ins through XenCenter. The Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for Citrix XenServer helps reduce cost and complexity for Citrix® virtual environments by managing storage directly from XenCenter® and improves operational efficiency for both Citrix administrators and storage administrators. Of course, this is just one example of how we’re working together.

Are you attending Citrix Synergy this week in Barcelona? If so, I encourage you to stop by NetApp’s booth to learn more about their storage solutions. They will be demonstrating the above mentioned Virtual Storage Console for Citrix XenServer and will also showcase Citrix XenDesktop on FlexPod, their joint solution with Cisco. Learn more about NetApp @ Synergy Barcelona here.