As you might have heard at the keynote at Barcelona Synergy, we announced @WorkWeb a new secure browser app for the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. This app is part of the larger Me@Work application suite that was announced at Barcelona.

Initial browser home screen

You might be wondering if we really need another browser app – don’t we have enough browsers already? Aren’t they powerful enough to browse all the nooks and crannies of Internet with all the rich features thrown in?  Well, talking to our customers it turns out the current browsers are quite powerful and good – in fact they are too powerful for their own good! Giving all the employees full access to the web has impact on an organization’s compliance to various regulations that their industry is subject to – healthcare, insurance and finance are prime examples of where this applies.  As we talked more with our customers we found that IT needs a flexible and configurable way to ensure compliance as well as restrict how their employees browse the web. We also heard consistently that it has to be easy to access intranet sites, external SaaS and HTML5 apps from a mobile device that is external to the network.

Keeping in mind the above scenarios, we targeted the following goals as we designed our browser app:

  1. Secure and manage the app using MDX Vault technology – Leverage MDX technology to enable security, data leakage prevention (DLP) and manageability features. As the @WorkWeb application is built on MDX technology, it gains all the benefits of security, DLP and managing policies such as black/white list of URLs. In addition, policies such as remote wipe can ensure that in case of device being stolen no data is compromised.
  2. Enable ease of access to intranet as well as external SaaS apps – Allow easy browsing of intranet sites when connected from outside the corporate network. Using @WorkWeb you can externally access your corporate network through MDX Access technology. Imagine that a user is traveling and using their work web applications on a mobile device using the 3G unsecured network. Using MDX Access, IT can rest assured that the user has easy and secure access all his applications and data.
  3. Integrate well with other mobile apps in the Citrix Me@Work Suite – Along with @WorkWeb, we launched @WorkMail – a secure email app.  We designed from ground-up for our browser to work seamlessly with other apps in the Me@Work suite including the mail app. As a user comes across an intranet link in his email message, he can click on that link and expect to launch @WorkWeb to the intranet site without any further authentication check.  MDX Interapp technology ensures that Single-Sign On and interapp communications happen in a transparent manner to the user.

Conversely, if you click on a mailto link on the page you are browsing in @WorkWeb it seamlessly opens in @WorkMail email compose form. We have worked hard to ensure that the app to app scenarios work in a secure and great user experience.

Data integration – We have also enabled close integration with the ShareFile space for a user browsing with @WorkWeb using MDX Interapp technology. We have designed a user experience to easily download documents to his ShareFile space – as this space can be managed by IT, it is more secure and goes a long way in addressing DLP.  Using @WorkWeb a user can’t download documents to unsecured locations on his device that are outside the purview of IT.

In addition to above features, we have also added features such bookmarks, history, private browsing and encrypted that are policy driven – these are features IT can control and manage in a more granular manner.

To recap, we designed ground-up @WorkWeb as a secure browser addressing what we heard from customers:

  1. Provider users with a secure and controlled way for browsing the web
  2. Make it easy to access all work related web applications from anywhere outside the corporate network.
  3. Integrate well with other productivity apps within the Citrix Me@Work Apps Suite

We are excited to launch this brand new app and would love to hear your thoughts on this!  A few screen shots of the app are shown below.

Work@Web initial page view
Adding a bookmark
Multiple tab view