One of the things can stop you from deploying applications on a Citrix Server is where the applications need to perform some processing on the client PC, or an application on the Client PC needs to communicate with the application on the Server; the reasons for needing to do this are wide and varied. One way of handling this issue is to add communications between the application deployed on the Server and the one that has been deployed on the Client PC.

Citrix provide an SDK called VCSDK (Virtual Channel SDK) to allow developers to add such communications. This SDK is available to be downloaded from the Citrix web site and does come with sample projects. Because of the nature of the VCSDK (an old C style SDK); it can prove difficult and time consuming to implement such communications. An alternative to the VCSDK is the VcCom API; this provides a modern versatile API with a COM interface to send messages between multiple Server and Client applications.

Because VcCom API uses a COM interface, it opens up the Virtual Channel communications to many computer languages. VcCom API vastly reduces development time and also allows applications that need to communicate to be deployed on Server and Client, all on the Server or all on a single PC (handy when you are developing software).

Value Proposition:

Vccom API Drastically reduces Virtual Channel communication development time.

Unique Feature(s)3:

  • Provides an easy to use Virtual Channel API with a COM interface.
  • Provides Client to Server and Server to Client interapplication communications (messages).
  • Wraps up the Citrix VCSDK.
  • Supports any language that supports Microsoft COM.
  • Bi-directional messages.
  • Large messages.
  • Versatile deployment options.
  • Interapplication communications can be tested on a single PC.

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