I’m just sat in final rehearsals for the Summit keynote and having had a sneak preview, the high energy start to our week in Barcelona made my spine tingle a little!  Now, I know you might think that’s something I’m ‘meant to say’ having been with Citrix for nearly six years but it’s not, it’s something I feel – I’m totally proud of what we’re continuing to achieve with our partners and end user customers.

I’m picking up the ‘Girl on the Go’ reins again this year although it will not be quite the same flurry of 2011 – there’s a great team of bloggers for you to follow at Citrix and I’m going to try to focus on the fun facts, stats and photo’s side throughout the week 🙂  Not a bad job if you can get it eh!

Mark Templeton, Al Monserrat, Carlos Sartorius and Brad Petersen are the stars of our Summit keynote.  For the EMEA attendees, I think we’ll be in agreement that it will be great to see Carlos take to the stage.

Look out for more updates but if I haven’t seen you yet in Barcelona, I’m looking forward to catching up with as many old and new faces as possible so please stop me if you see me dashing across the length and breadth of the CCIB over the next few days – I’d love to say hello!