Hi, my name is Jon Froda, and I’m the co-founder of Podio, the collaborative work platform. I’ve always believed that people should be empowered by work tools that really work like they do. That’s why we started Podio, to help people achieve more together, with fewer unstructured emails and scattered documents and without rigid, expensive software.

Podio booth Citrix Synergy

Every time I meet people using Podio and hear how they’re working is always an amazing experience, so I’m particularlylooking forward to Synergy Barcelona. From Wednesday, Oct. 17, through Friday, Oct. 19, many members of the Podio team and I will be there, and we’d really like to meet you. If you’re new to Podio, we’d love to show you a more efficient way of collaborating in the cloud.

Meeting and discussing with people about how they work has been at the heart of building Podio since it was just three guys in a Copenhagen basement. When we were creating our very first prototypes, we held workshops with people working in all kinds of industries to learn how we could help. They told us that many of the large, expensive software systems they were using had never been flexible enough to suit dynamic teams and companies. As a result, they preferred to use spreadsheets, documents and email as their de facto work tools, because they were easier for creating something that resembled the way they thought about their workflow. The workers didn’t want to adjust to how a rigid software system worked.

However, this created more than a few problems for collaboration:

  • Silos that make it hard to understand what people are working on
  • A completely unstructured way of communicating
  • No central place to find the knowledge and resources needed to get work done

We knew there had to be a better, more dynamic and efficient way of getting work done. Our goal was to empower everyone with tools that really suit their work processes, without the need of technical skills or IT resources to get them. At demo station #23 in the Citrix Booth, we’ll be waiting to show you just how Podio solves these problems and enables you and your team to collaborate more efficiently – whether you’re managing projects, tracking sales leads, delivering software, running marketing campaigns, you name it!

Together, we’ll create a Podio App in five minutes, without a line of code in sight. Podio Apps are the tools for getting work done on Podio; they’re as flexible and easy to create as spreadsheets, but they’re dynamic, social and media rich. In addition to being great for storing, sorting and tracking data, they combine with social activity streams to give collaborating teams a real-time overview of progress and a place to discuss the work at hand. Think Lotus Notes combined with Facebook and you’re not far off.

Since Podio’s launch in March 2011, over 40,000 companies have jumped onboard to replace their separate project management software, enterprise social networks and CRM systems. We have even done a World Tour and held meet-ups with thousands of people to hear how they use Podio, and it’s fantastic to once again hit the road and bring the show to Synergy.

Along with helping the Podio team at our demo station, I’ll be hosting a breakout session on Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 17:30-18:15 in Room 113 to give a full demonstration of the power of Podio. Joining me will be our customer the Educational Services of America, who will also show how they have innovated with Podio.

However, you don’t have to wait to meet us – you can try Podio free and get started today!