Of late, i’ve been getting a lot of questions from all of you, on what’s been happening with Access Gateway, what the current available options are, and which ones should be used in what situation. Access Gateway continues to be a core product for Citrix, and has a very vital role to play in providing secure remote access to users, delivering access to resources for remote users. In an increasingly mobile and bring-your-own (BYO) world – Access Gateway becomes the critical binding glue, that connects the enterprise to these devices on remote networks.

Here’s the latest on our current Access Gateway variants, capacities and recommendations

Access Gateway has a platform license, that turns on ICA Proxy access (Equivalent of Secure Gateway functionality) and additionally on top of that, can have the Universal Access License, which turns on End-Point Analysis, SmartAccess, and full SSLVPN tunneling for Windows and Mac devices. All Access Gateway variants have the Platform License as a built-in entitlement (So nothing else needs to be purchased, other than the platform itself) If the only thing needed were secure remote access to XenDesktop/ XenApp environments – then just the Access Gateway platform should suffice. Obviously, there are additional security and usability benefits that come into play, by using the Universal Access Licenses.

There are two AG platform variants –

  1. Access Gateway (Enterprise) VPX – that supports up to 500 concurrent users (Same capacity as the outgoing VPX based on AG software versions 5.x and 4.x)
  2. Access Gateway (Enterprise) MPX – that supports up to 5000 concurrent users (Based on the NetScaler MPX 5500 platform)

For higher user capacities, the NetScaler 7500 onwards, provide higher scalability.

As for the Universal Licenses –
1. They can be procured standalone
2. They are an entitlement of XenDesktop/ XenApp Platinum
3. They are an entitlement of CloudGateway Enterprise

Within the context of CloudGateway Enterprise, the Universal License turns on micro VPN on the iOS and Android Receivers, which today allows us to browse any intranet web sites from those devices, when they are connected to a public network. For more on micro VPN – look up my other blog here

For those of you Citrix Synergy, our annual customer and partner event at Barcelona, next week – we will cover all of these, and other details of some cool new features, within the session on Access Gateway