“People, process and technology” – you’ve heard those three words together many times, but how do they influence your application migration project? What if the technology could drive your decisions about people and process? Enterprises are looking for methods to speed application migration projects, but so often are using gut feel estimates to decide which team members are involved in the virtualization initiative or XP to Windows 7 migration. You don’t need a crystal ball to determine the skills needed to troubleshoot application compatibility – you just need technology to show you key data to help make the best decisions.

Enterprises are using the Citrix AppDNA application migration software to plan the people involved in an application migration. With the detailed reports in the AppDNA software, project leaders can see exactly what kinds of application issues they need to remediate in order to provide core business applications on Windows 7 or via a virtualization technology like XenApp, XenDesktop or Microsoft App-V (or a combination of those technologies).

Best Staffing Application Compatibility Projects

Readily determine how to best align staff, budget and resources by reviewing the application compatibility results of the AppDNA testing. AppDNA software reports show which applications should go to a more senior application specialist, which have moderate issues for more junior staff and which are ready for application packaging.

Citrix AppDNA software application compatibility errors by issue report
Clearly see the application compatibility errors - in this example for a XP to Windows 7 migration - to best scope staff needs

Using the AppDNA analysis, project leaders can focus application owners to test only problem areas, not the entire application. In just minutes, the AppDNA reports clearly show what will go wrong if the application is deployed on a new technology. This saves time for both the business end user and the quality assurance team that performs technical fixes.  How much time are you spending testing the entire application today? AppDNA software can cut out hours or even days of application testing time by showing you exactly what will break and how to fix it.

Using the AppDNA reports, the project team can spot trends in specific issues that occur in multiple applications. Then individual team members – QA, packagers, desktop team, applications team – can be specialized on a specific type of fix.  Instead of having Tom, Joe and Jane all working on different types of application remediations, make Tom the expert on deprecated components, Joe the lead on remediating session 0 isolation issues and Jane the one to handle UAC issues.  This also helps ensure you’re not giving tough application issues to junior level staff and relatively simple fixes to senior team members.  Save some time by allotting the application errors to the right level of troubleshooter. Everyone is happier when they’re assigned a project they understand and have the skillset to complete under the deadline.

Your services partner or system integrator can also use the AppDNA reports to better estimate the time needed to complete the application migration.  Easily see if a more senior application specialist needs to be pulled off the bench for your project, or if you can rescope the project to include a few more mid-level staff to complete the project in a shorter timeframe.

Eliminating the repetitive tasks allows the staff (and the system integrator) to have time to work on strategic projects – the ones you said you’d investigate soon, but just didn’t have time to address? Now you might just time to look at them.

One other highlight: because the AppDNA software stores the application “DNA” the project team only has to import their application files (MSI, EXE, etc.) one time. If your goal is to complete a XP to Windows 7 migration today and tackle a XenApp project with data center updates later this year, there’s no rework involved. With the AppDNA software, the team can model application compatibility for each project as many times as they’d like.

One AppDNA customer estimated per-application work time could be cut in half when AppDNA provided the up-front application analysis to best plan their staff time.  How much could you save?

Check out the AppDNA online ROI calculator to enter the time you’re spending today on application testing, QA and packaging – then see the time and cost savings potential by automating the processes.

 Then download the no-cost AppDNA application compatibility software trial to test 10 of your own applications and see how to best align the application compatibility issues.