OpenStack has recently released Folsom. Also, last week Citrix have released XenServer 6.1 and have released XCP 1.6 beta. I think now is a great time to point out some of what Citrix has contributed to OpenStack Folsom:

  • Support for XenServer 6.1, XCP 1.6 and xcp-xapi in Ubuntu 12.04
  • Boot from volume for XenServer and XCP
  • Live migration, without the need for shared storage using XenServer 6.1 and XCP 1.6
  • Live migration using shared storage in XenAPI pools
  • Additioal testing of various OpenStack + XenServer configurations
  • Improvements to Documentation and DevStack

The guys I sit next to in the XenServer team have done a stellar job with XenServer 6.1. Better single host VM scalability, a new VM conversion tool and Storage XenMotion are just a few of the highlights. Stay tuned to the Citrix blog site and twitter to find out more!

Want to find out more about OpenStack Folsom? Good news! Next week, in San Diego, is the six monthly gathering of everyone working and using OpenStack:

Want to find out more about OpenStack and XenServer? Even more good news! I will be presenting a talk covering XenServer 6.1 and how best to get started with OpenStack. I will be joined by Chris Behrens from Rackspace describing how they deploy OpenStack inside Rackspace. Please come along, it is Tuesday October 16, 4:30pm – 5:10pm in Manchester A. If you can’t make it, presumably because you are going to Synergy, I will make the slides available on SlideShare.

If you are a developer, an interested in XenServer, XCP, and XenAPI, please take a look at what we have planned for the XenAPI session and see a list of all the other XenAPI related sessions:

As ever, I will report back after the summit to let you know about the latest XenServer and OpenStack news!