We invested in CloudVertical last week, and a common question asked once one is done is ‘why’. The answer here is simple: to save money in the cloud. There’s this common notion that the cost savings associated with cloud computing cannot be ignored, that converged infrastructure is the future, that you’re an ancient architecture burning bags of cash to not act accordingly. That’s all well and fine if you’re looking down at clouds from the stratosphere, but the reality is that those cost savings are by no means automatic. Configuring, monitoring, not to mention migration implications factor in, and you better know what you’re paying to who for what. That’s why we invested in CloudVertical. They help companies manage their cloud infrastructure efficiently.

You as a single developer may know what instances you’ve spun up, what services you’ve employed, but your neighbor, let alone your organization, may not have a clue. There’s a lot of opportunity in making that better. From the financial spend standpoint, but also from security and performance positions as well. The performance monitoring in CloudVertical’s analytics platform is simple, clean, and just plain stellar on the eye. It allows a user, scratch that, it allows very appreciative customers to track cost and usage analytics from multiple clouds in one interface, and to then create customized, automated reports for that usage. And yes, I know you’ve been waiting for it, you can quickly dive deep into your AWS statement and investigate the nuances of elasticity to your heart’s content.  Further, after you use CloudVertical for a while, the product can forecast your usage and recommend deployment configurations to save you money.

I’m excited about the investment for many reasons. To be working with Ed Byrne and his team is great, to help converge cloud services and aggregate the cost savings therein, freaking fantastic. I think what it comes down to most of all is efficiency. The orders of magnitude of improvement that have transpired in what it means to pay for and access a datacenter have changed our world. Web access & consumption has been revolutionary and becomes moreso as it quickly builds amongst the billions on our planet, but now web creation & architecture is following in its footsteps. Tools like CloudVertical further that cause and make cloud infrastructure more accessible by providing a means to more efficiently allocate the capital to run it. I like that, and I’m proud the Citrix Startup Accelerator is now invested.