CloudGateway is Citrix’s enterprise mobility management solution. We’ve had excellent conversations with partners and customers about enterprise mobility the following questions/topics are common with all of them.

  • How to access enterprise resources in a BYOD environment?
  • Can we bring enterprise controls and policies to these devices?
  • Seamless access to Windows, Web, SaaS, Mobile Applications and data
  • Can we browse intranet portals and SharePoint from my mobile devices?
  • Secure email delivery in mobile devices
  • Mobile Application Management

In short, we’ve heard a lot about current problems related to growing enterprise mobility and how CloudGateway solves those issues. Here is a synopsis:

  • Organizations are using CloudGateway to help them take full advantage of the mobile apps now available for ERP and CRM solutions.  For example, workflow approvals can be done from their smart phones during lunch.  They can elevate business productivity with mobile devices and mobile apps.
  • Healthcare organizations are enabling BYO for doctors with full mobile productivity accessing patient records in full compliance with regulatory requirements. The patient data is in their XA/XD farm and delivered to their iPad.
  • Large financial institutions are telling us that Citrix is the ‘only vendor that can provide one management platform for all apps, data and devices, including mobile, with the required security levels.’   Single panes of glass for accessing all enterprise resources make the user experience seamless.  Policy based controls on access to enterprise resources helps in addressing the security requirement and achieving compliance.
  • Legal and Recruiting firms say ‘CloudGateway and ShareFile truly mobilize my data. Easy to access Microsoft docs on an iPad/Android Devices??’  Administrators can search for a specific user and remotely wipe the data associated to a particular device if that device is lost or stolen.
  • Oil and gas customers are rapidly developing custom native mobile apps and deploying mobile devices for field workers. CloudGateway is a ‘Cool solution we’ve found for effectively delivering the new mobile apps alongside corporate intranet web apps, virtual apps and SaaS apps.’  CloudGateway delivers mobile applications developed In-house by wrapping them using the app wrapping tool and apply the enterprise policies.  MDX Web Connect and Micro VPN allows users to browse intranet websites from mobile devices.
  • Service Providers are creating new revenue-generating services in mobile app delivery aligned with their mobile device and voice/data service business.

In a BYO environment, managing the content (Mobile Application Management) rather than managing mobile devices (Mobile Device Management) seems to be the right approach.  This session will also highlight the importance to look beyond MDM, and focus on MAM with CloudGateway MDX technologies.

Come and see the demo of the latest native mobile applications developed by Citrix in the session SYN203 @ Synergy in Barcelona 2012. This session will explain the architecture of CloudGateway, MDX technologies, policy based controls, provisioning and deployment models.  Looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona and understand how you envision deploying CloudGateway and ensuring a successful rollout.