IT wants to serve employees, do what’s right for the business, and be more efficient and strategic themselves…having a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution can help them do this.

A well thought out BYOD solution can allow you to: 

  • Empower employees to choose their own devices, which in turn means improved productivity and mobility and competitive advantage for your organization
  • BYOD done right also means you develop a strategy to ensure sensitive information is protected from loss and theft, allowing your company to meet privacy and compliance standards, instead of putting yourself at risk because employees are creating workaround solutions
  • And… simplify IT and reduce the costs and time spent on procuring devices and configuring them, working through app compatibility, and responding to a deluge of service requests. IT can actually move its focus back to more strategic imperatives

Citrix is not only a thought leader on BYOD…we are also reaping the benefits of implementing our own BYOD program over 3 years ago. OK, I get it. You do understand the benefits of BYOD but how do you get your desktop and apps ready for a mobile workforce?

Assess – Design – Deploy

At Synergy Barcelona be sure to check out the following sessions on BYOD to learn how to assess, design and deploy your desktops and apps for a BYOD program that  enables  the workplace of the future – today.

  • SYN120: Best practises to make BYOD simple and secure
  • SYN121: Assess for success: transform your desktops and apps for BYOD
  • SYN122: Design best practises: transform your desktops and apps for BYOD
  • SYN123: Deploy with confidence: transform your desktops and apps for BYOD

Be sure to stop by the BYOD Showcase to learn how to take advantage of these mobile workstyles plus enter for a chance to win one of the latest and coolest mobile devices.

In addition, on Wednesday, 17 October between 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. swing by the BYOD Showcase to “Meet the Expert” Martin Kelly, VP of Information Technologies, talk about Citrix’s own Citrix on Citrix program on How Citrix implemented BYOD.


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