“Computing is now being offered, for the first time, if you will, over the last few years as a service in the Cloud.  It means consumers don’t have to get bogged down with complexity of computing and they don’t have to make that huge capital investment.  They just plug in, run their applications.” – Larry Ellison (Interview with CNBC Reporter Maria Bartiromo).

Well if that doesn’t sound like Desktop-as-a-Service and really “IT-as-a-Service” I don’t know what does.  Ironically this “service” delivery model in the Cloud is exactly what our Citrix Service Providers (CSP) are doing all over the world today… and have been doing in many cases since the early 2000’s.    And with double digit growth in this space quarter over quarter, it sure makes sense that Oracle would be talking about it.  What’s especially cool is that Citrix is at the forefront of this tremendous upsurge in demand from the SMB space.  Many businesses are heavily scrutinizing their “capital investment” as Larry states and are opting for the pay-as-you-go plan from our channel partners.  This includes many productivity applications but business critical apps as well.  All easily consumed via their Citrix subscriber based desktop.

With thousands of Managed Service Providers in the CSP Program today, we are hard at work optimizing the business model and providing information that helps the entire industry to grow.  We have actually dedicated over a dozen sessions at our upcoming Summit/Synergy event in Barcelona to that end.  To make the process even simpler, we’ll be talking to some of the top performing White Label partners in a session entitled, “Panel discussion: Get into the cloud fast with White-Label services”.