In the past, companies tried to control desktop configuration and cost using a variety of policing methods, none of which really worked. Desktop virtualization promises to be very effective in solving IT’s most persistent problems – maintaining old, costly, and unreliable physical environments and the solutions have become more mature than many are led to believe.

Desktop virtualization might still be a new concept for IT organizations, but we here at Citrix have been developing and perfecting desktop virtualization solutions for years.  With advancements in product design and architecture, we have been able to optimize resource utilization thereby reducing the upfront capital costs associated with deployment while streamlining management features thereby reducing the operational expenses associated with implementation and on-going maintenance.  These enhancements have driven desktop virtualization costs to that point where they rival the costs of managing physical desktops. You just need to have the right understanding of the factors that can help you navigate the cost barriers to desktop virtualization.

Navigating the cost barriers to desktop virtualization

In order to unlock the real value of virtual desktops, you need to consider:

  • Return on investment (ROI) to analyze how does desktop virtualization help your business
  • Cost of acquisition to help understand how it will affect your operational budget
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) to decide if you can afford to invest with my current budget

With continual improvements in Desktop Virtualization offerings, we believe Citrix is better positioned to breakaway than ever before. Citrix solutions offer differentiated value like security, agility, mobility, flexibility, virtual workstyles and productivity, which are imperative for business growth and innovation. Therefore, a fair evaluation of technologies and solutions should be based on measures that support your organization’s core objectives and thus measures like total value of ownership (TVO) along with ROI and TCO.

Check out an upcoming webinar on this very topic and gain the understanding of virtual desktop TVO vs. basic computing with physical desktops.