Healthcare professionals have no spare time. None. Zilch. Zero. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other clinicians work nonstop to take care of patients in today’s ultra complex, lightening fast healthcare environments. There is no time for them to keep up on email, let alone search online for procedures, guidelines, or instructions. Now with Citrix XenApp and CareApprise software, as if by magic, clinicians can receive context-aware, updated medication use information just in time, delivered smartly within their workflows, without any searching. Health Practice Innovators has pioneered a new set of technologies in a leap beyond more typical user actuated infobuttons and contextual hyperlinks all the way to automated, fast, queryless, predictive, flexible, and customizable information retreival.

CareApprise represents new, innovative, effective, lean thinking about health information retreival instantiated in reliable, efficient software. By sensing and reacting automatically to the content in the active window onscreen, CareApprise saves clinicians lots of valuable time.

With easy content management via the web, CareApprise empowers department leaders with new, powerful communication capabilities, while at the same time decreasing the constant demands on IT for local customization of enterprise clinical systems, including the latest electronic health records (EHRs).

About Health Practice Innovators

Health Practice Innovators builds thoughtful tools for brilliant caregivers. Our mission is to make clinical computing easy and efficient, so that clinicians can remain focused on patients and families. Our leadership includes clinical and IT experts who are honored to be working together in the healthcare industry. For further information, visit the Health Practice Innovators web site.

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