SYN307: Ensure XenDesktop success with Citrix networking solutions


Networking is core to the success of any delivery model as it is the underlying mechanism which is used for communication all the time. With Citrix XenDesktop becoming the key to success for many global enterprises the networking infrastructure has to match the need and demand for Application and Desktop delivery.

Citrix NetScaler is the core Networking solution which helps scale, optimize and secure the XenDesktop deployments. With NetScaler it is not just about the delivery of virtual Apps and Desktops, we go many steps further and ensure that the delivery matches the top notch quality with improved end user experience. There are several features in NetScaler designed specifically to meet the requirements of XenDesktop environment and in this session we will discuss the key enhancements which were done recently.  Just to give you an idea, we will be focusing on following fronts:

–          Transport optimization over TCP

–          SSL acceleration and optimization for ICA

–          Networking layer visibility inside ICA stream

–          Better usability with integrated solution

–          Advanced use cases with Smartcard auth

Overall there are bunch of new capabilities which will be discussed in the session. The other key aspect of this session is to have an existing Citrix customer sharing their experience and success story with Citrix XenDesktop and NetScaler working together.

It will be huge value to know how these solutions can be deployed together for excellent production results and better end user experience.

See you in Barcelona 🙂