Application owners are always in fire-fighting mode. It makes for a very reactive day-to-day and in many cases it is not necessarily their fault performance is down, yet it remains their problem. AppEnsure is providing unprecedented visibility into application performance for virtualized and cloud environments. No longer are architectures static and simple to diagnose, they are dynamic, distributed, and many components factor into business critical applications performing well. AppEnsure will be revealing their solution to this complex problem tomorrow afternoon at DEMO Fall. A solution that includes app centric root-cause analysis such that it won’t be so much a blame game anymore as identifying and assigning responsibility. More importantly it’s about ensuring performance is up and the application doesn’t go down in the first place.

AppEnsure provides next generation application performance monitoring with unified visibility, root causes, actionable intelligence and predictive analytics – all in real-time. It means less downtime for mission critical applications as a function of better correlation between servers, storage, and apps in the cloud. Take care of the network, and the network will take care of you.