Both of these servers ship with an embedded Emulex be3-based 10Gb NIC as their main ethernet device, which certainly has it’s advantages but also requires a special consideration when installing any version of XenServer older than 6.1.0.  With XenServer 6.0.2, Citrix published a handful of driver disks produced by Emulex which provide support for these adapters.

Installing XenServer

We mention in each driver disk article that it may be necessary to unload the base driver that shipped with that particular version of XenServer, and in this case, it is an absolute requirement.  While booting to the XenServer install CD, make sure to quickly hit “esc” and follow the process below.

  1. At the boot: prompt, type:
  2. You will now be presented with a command prompt. Type the following:
    rmmod be2net

    rmmod lpfc
  3. Type:

    or press Control+D on your keyboard, to return to the installer.

Once this is done and you have booted to the XenServer installer, at the prompt hit “F9” to load a device driver.  Follow the onscreen procedure to load the supplemental pack containing the updated Emulex drivers via local media, HTTP or FTP, or NFS.

Installing XenServer Hotfixes

The second caveat with these servers has to do with updating through the latest hotfixes.  At the writing of this post there are nine public hotfixes available for XenServer 6.0.2 and three specific versions of the latest Emulex be2net/lpfc driver disk.  Depending on which hotfix you happen to be running, or wish to run, determines which driver disk needs to be loaded, and when.  While updating through the released hotfixes always make sure to follow this specific order:

  1. Install the hotfix selecting the option to manually reboot the server once the installation has completed.  Do NOT reboot the server at this time.
  2. Install the driver disk created for that particular hotfix release, if applicable.  Please refer to each driver disk release article for more information.
  3. Reboot the server
  4. Repeat the above steps for each hotfix, as needed

All of the publicly released hotfixes and driver disks for XenServer 6.0.2 can be found here: