Traditional PC management has focused on the use of agent-based tools to support PCs. Agent-based tools place client-side software or ‘agents’ within the OS on endpoint devices to manage the entire PC lifecycle from beginning to end of life. This approach often uses several agents to manage, patch, update, backup, recover, secure, and migrate PCs.

For many medium sized enterprises, IT resourcing can be a challenge and they don’t always have the staff, the expertise or the tools they need to deploy larger, more complex PC management solutions in their environment. Agent-based approaches can provide a simple way to manage PCs and have become the de facto approach to PC management. However, sometimes this approach is not the right fit and alternative ways to manage PCs without the overhead of a complex management system must be explored.

Today, XenClient’s client virtualization solution gives medium sized enterprises a new approach to PC management. This segment of the market does not always have access to the broader set of tools needed to manage PCs effectively such as encryption software, backup and recovery software, image management tools and patch management software.

XenClient does all this and improves the manageability, reliability, and security of PCs through a Type-1 hypervisor which runs below the OS:

Image Management

XenClient has centralized 1-to-many image management

  • XenClient is hardware agnostic, which allows IT admins to easily deploy one golden image to thousands of PCs, regardless of hardware and vendor type.
  • Any changes or updates to the golden image automatically migrate to all XenClient user desktops.

Patching and Updating

XenClient offers fail-safe patching and updating with the ability to ‘undo’ a change

  • XenClient has 100% success in patching, updating, and installing applications.
  • Additionally, any changes made can be instantly rolled back (via the ‘snapback’ feature).

PC Migration

XenClient migrates everything needed to get users instantly productive

  • One-click provisioning of centralized images means that IT admins can easily provision new or existing users (for lost/stolen PCs or viruses) to new PCs and get users instantly productive.
  • No user data or personalization is lost when migrating PCs since images are centrally managed and backed up.

Endpoint Security

XenClient runs security below the OS by design

  • XenClient’s Type-1 hypervisor fully isolates and protects corporate data by running key security features such as disk encryption, time based lockout, and remote wipe outside of the OS.
  • Granular policy management can selectively block access to USB devices, optical drives and networks.

Backup and Recovery

XenClient automatically backs up and rapidly recovers user desktops

  • User data, profiles, preferences, and other settings are backed up automatically in the background with little disruption to the user.
  • Users can quickly recover their desktops from their backups without IT involvement through simple self-service restore.

Ultimately, XenClient benefits everybody since it reduces PC management costs for the business, provides for a superior user experience, and frees up IT to spend time on delivering value for the business.  If you want to learn more about a new approach to PC management, give XenClient a try and see how it can radically increase the manageability, reliability, and security of your PCs.

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