Dwight D. Eisenhower once famously said that “plans are nothing; planning is everything”.  Planning for BYOD is key to ensuring your organization is prepared for the influx of consumer devices executives, employees and contractors are bringing into the workplace. In fact, 94% of organizations plan to put some form of BYOD policy in place by mid-2013. They know they must adapt and come up with a strategy, because employees are bringing their own devices now, whether they like it or not.

There are many benefits to BYOD but how can you ensure you’re asking the right questions and getting the right answers.

  • Am I addressing the very real security issues concerning BYOD?
  • How can I ensure my architecture remains secure while giving people device independence?
  • How can I ensure my IT infrastructure remains compliant once I implement a BYOD program?
  • How do I provide a framework for successful enterprise mobility management?
  • What should our BYOD policy include?
  • What are best practices being implemented and utilized around BYOD?

Be sure to check out our Webinar Series on BYOD Best Practices and learn how to enable the workplace of the future – today.

Listen to Citrix experts Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist, and Michael McKiernan, Vice President of Business Technology Solutions, explain how to secure and leverage a BYOD program for your organization.

Click here to watch the replay of Part 1 from October 2, 2012 as Kurt discussed the Top 10 Ways to Securely Leverage BYOD and Cloud.

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn how to:

  • Secure access to corporate resources from consumer devices
  • Provide a framework for data security with follow-me-data
  • Configure cloud services to strengthen security and compliance

Click here to register for Part 2 on October 16, 2012 as Michael will discuss the Best Practices for Simple and Secure BYOD.

Join us to learn:

  • Critical factors to consider when defining your BYOD policy
  • Best practices for implementing a BYOD initiative
  • Why desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility management combined offer the best technology approach
  • How to ensure secure data access on personal devices

“No plan survives first contact” but “planning is everything”.


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