My name is Fabian Wright technical marketing manager for corporate events at Citrix. A major function of my role is to provide and manage the technical needs to support Summit and Synergy, our two annual global events. I work with several venders who provide network services, rental equipment, logistical management and physical labor to pull these events off….and more often than not; each of my vendors have their own tools and processes for managing projects and sharing deliverables.

Being the tech and gadget geek that I am, I’m always looking for technical solutions to help me work smarter as I collaborate with my global teams. But I wanted something in a single environment that didn’t require my vendors to have a significant learning curve or took weeks onboarding them on a new system.

But my pains don’t stop there; during an event we were confronted with an entirely different set of challenges.

  • Poor radio signals in network closets made communicating with technicians frustrating so it we’d have to wait until that person had adequate radio service to receive a status update;
  • Multiple requestors would reach out to team members to resolve their specific technical issues with out reporting back;
  • There was a need to track and report to upper management if escalation was required; and
  • Managing multiple team members and vendors with all their moving parts was becoming more of a struggle as these events continue to grow.

Fortunately for me Citrix acquired Podio whose online platform is powerful, customizable and more importantly….social. It also comes with pre-built apps that help me track budgets and get status updates on tasks through dashboard views.

Using Podio Web Forms to log network and equipment requests through our Request Portal App provided our marketers around the globe a single tool to coordinate logistics around those needs and have them in place for the event.

With the development of our Help Desk app, we now manage our entire ticket workflow in the cloud by logging issues, editing tickets, assigning them to different engineers and providing/receiving status updates in real-time …without the need for specialized expensive software.

A major improvement for our Citrix Events Team was to give members the flexibility to work on any mobile device. Using the Podio IOS and Android App will enable our team to take their mobile device through the venue, leveraging our wireless network to resolve any problem, all while having detailed information. Once the problem is resolved…they simply update the issue and everyone working on our team is notified in real time. That’s the Power of Citrix.

Podio also gives us the agility to modify apps on the spot, when we need it. With Podio anyone—without using any technical skills—can build their own business app to manage their work, whether that’s project milestones, handling sales leads or recruiting new talent.

Stop by the Technical Support Help Desk on the main floor of the CCIB to see how my team is leveraging Podio to support Summit and Synergy Barcelona…I have to admit, this tool is far more than I could have expected.

For those who have yet to register for our EMEA event this October, what are you waiting for? You too will experience Citrix Solutions. As we continue our plans to showcase Citrix technology throughout the event, I will host a blog series that will provide behind-the-scene updates on our progress.

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Fabian D. Wright

Technical Marketing Manager, Corporate Events