It’s almost time- online shopping time that is!  Every year we mark our calendars to shop until we drop.  The day after Thanksgiving (aka. Turkey day) has to be the world’s busiest shopping day.  For most retailers it’s considered the highest volume of transactional sales for the year.  Some of us will tag along with our significant other just so that we can be the physical placeholder in the long lines.  Not me!  I plan on boycotting the department stores and will be doing majority of my shopping online.  The trend of online shopping has become much easier with retailers offering high level of discounting- not to mention, free shipping on majority of the orders.  How is this not compelling?  In 2011, consumers generated $46.63 billion dollars in online holiday revenue.  What’s incredible is that internet retailers believe online holiday revenues will increase in 2012 to $54.47 billion dollars, up 16.8% from the previous year. Online holiday spending this season will account for 24.3% of all U.S. retail revenues.

Let’s fast forward to Friday, November 22nd.   We are a go for launch on our online holiday specials.  Millions of consumers will flood online to take advantage of discounts via PC, MAC, Smart Phone, IPad, etc… Traffic is spiking, sales are being generated…..and……………………..Uh Oh!

I’m frozen and the page is not responding.  What’s going on here?  I’m trying to checkout and it’s been nearly 4 minutes.  Let me try and refresh the page, again….Still no response! Arghhhhhhhhhhh! 6 minutes later…”

Have the frustrations set in?  Can you imagine if I have been shopping online for 45 minutes and have $400 dollars in my shopping cart waiting to check out?  What are the chances the consumer decides to kill the connection and go to a competitor site or possibly come back later to find out the discounts are no longer available?  Houston, we have a problem! Having performance issues or not being able to access your global online retail website during the holiday season can really put a company in jeopardy of meeting holiday sales goals.  Missing revenues can impact global operations, stock price, employee status and much more.  That’s a lot of money to be playing around with for not having your site up and running to meet the demand of the holiday season.  Some of the articles I read earlier reported large retailers did in fact experience outages during the 2011 holiday season that resulted in millions of dollars being lost.  What are ways to address this scenario from happening?  Do you have disaster recovery plan available to kick in if the site does fail?  How about if your site can handle the additional 30-50% holiday traffic spike?  Capacity issues?

I have seen an increase in the amount of online retailers that are looking to Citrix to help address this so called scenario.  Citrix Networking products are powering some of the world’s largest retail brand names.  Products like Citrix NetScaler’s Pay-As-You-Grow with TriScale technology can help you scale up and eliminate costly equipment requirements with a license key upgrade.  Pay-As-You-Grow is a simple licensing model that provides 5x faster performance on demand, with no new hardware for better investment protection.

Deploy only what you need- No need for expensive hardware refreshes to increase performance. Eliminate costly over-provisioning to make sure that current equipment will meet future requirements. There is a better approach: buy only what you need today, then easily scale up your network as demand grows with a simple software license upgrade.

Instantaneously upgrade performance for transient traffic spikes- Citrix NetScaler Burst Packs offer even more flexibility. Burst Packs enable you to convert an existing NetScaler MPX hardware or VPX virtual appliance deployment to the highest performance available for the particular platform for enhanced capacity for up to 90 days. This allows you to provision only the necessary performance for durations of limited peak traffic, reducing capital and operational expenses, lengthy procurement cycles and installation times for new appliances.

Try Citrix NetScaler today!  Tell them you want the Bhavin Sodha special!