It was refreshing to hear a CIO come to Citrix EBC today to explain what he wants to get out of this meeting and the goals he has for his company.  He would like to create an IT network that is fast and flexible to help doctors and nurses get access to medical info quickly to make decisions.  As a CIO, he would like to help improve clinical outcome and believes that the state of art IT technology will be key to making this happen.  He also has a goal for his company to be the leader of hospitals. He believes IT connectivity is critical and ease of access from outside to inside to be seamless to doctors/nurses.
As he was speaking, it was not only about the goals he has that kept us all enthralled in the moment but the passion that he had to make the best IT network to save lives. His passion was infectious and it really reminded me why we do what we do because of the passion to make a difference.  Whether it was when I was an engineer, engineering manager to product management – it is the passion to do what’s right for the customers, company and community.
Many healthcare, financials and other verticals use Citrix products today and we hope many more will see the value of Citrix technologies that can make a positive impact to how we access information securely at anywhere at anytime and help people all around the world.