In “/blogs/2012/09/17/netscaler-insight-1-0-exposing-applications-inside-out-part1/” we unveiled a sneak peak preview of HIGH VISIBILITY exposed. This week, we will take a step forward and unravel the next four layers and entail how NetScaler Insight 1.0 can take you from a bird’s eye view to microscopic detailed view of the application performance.

In the last blog we exposed the following layers:

  • Layer 1 – Which are the NetScaler ADC appliances managing most of my applications traffic?
  • Layer 2 – How many applications are being managed by one of my NetScaler ADC in the deployment?
  • Layer 3 – Which one of these applications has highest response time?
  • Layer 4 – Can I understand the reason behind such high response time?

After the high level details shared by these four layers, lets jump into deeper and granular details NetScaler Insight 1.0 exposes.

  • Layer 5 – Which URLs contributed to this level of application usage?

–          When you are trying to understand all the aspects of your application usage, you would like to know the details of the URLs contributing to the achieved level of overall application usage. NetScaler Insight helps you understand this by plotting bar graphs with respect to multiple URLs accessed by the users. It plots these graphs with top URLs accessed based on number of Hits on each URL along with Load Time and Render Time calculated across them.

  • Layer 6 – Which Clients accessed it and which application server served these client requests?

–          Above and beyond the application infrastructure based information, knowing your application usage is where your ROI lies in. NetScaler Insight gives you contextual information of clients based on number of requests received, aggregated Render Time experienced by clients and Client Network Latency giving you an idea on how much is client network contributing to the response time numbers.

  • Layer 7 – How the applications are being used & how your application servers are serving the requests?

–          NetScaler Insight helps you understand the overall client interaction with your applications with the help of a pie chart distribution of the request methods. It also puts across a pie chart distribution on how your application servers are serving these client requests with respect to the HTTP response status. These pie chart distributions paint both side of the story of user interaction from request till response.

  • Layer 8 – What are the Operating Systems & User agent used by the clients?

–          Many times, you would like to assess how widely certain OS or user agent has been accepted & used across your applications over the time by the users. NetScaler Insight can take you to that specific application, lets you begin your analysis with let’s say “Windows 7” Operating System from the pie chart distribution. It then enables you to drill down to the details of User Agents used across that “Windows 7” OS.

With this I can say I have opened up all the eight layers of application performance that NetScaler Insight flaunts. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg :)! Unwrapping the layers was just the beginning, look forward to the multiple dimensions that NetScaler Insight brings to the plate with next week’s blog. Till then ciao!