What are the different workloads that can be optimized using both technologies and/or would you need to configure something different in your setup to get best performance?  If these are some of the questions that you have in mind, then come see for yourself by coming to the following webinar:

Optimized Network Infrastructure for virtualized applications and cloud based services

In this webinar, Citrix will talk about NetScaler’s cool differentiating features and Alcatel-Lucent will talk about the uniqueness of their Application Fluent Network and how it provides dynamic network to ensure of the ideal performance.

Best practices will be discussed when both technologies are in your network and how this all fits in the Citrix XenDesktop environments as well.

The moderator (Peter Bernstein) for this webinar will also make it interesting since he is a Senior Editor of TMCNet, so hopefully he and Rohit Mehra (IDC Analyst) will stir some exciting network deployment scenarios for cloud based services and customer use case discussions.

Gotta love the panelist discussions, it is always good to hear different viewpoints!  Come help stir the discussions and ask questions 🙂