Did you write up an application migration proposal and include a budget line item for application compatibility? Maybe you assumed someone else would cover application testing—line of business owners, application packagers or the virtualization team? If your team will cover it, what number did you guess? If a system integrator will perform application testing, how did they estimate the extent of the work that would be involved in application compatibility efforts?

Usually we hear that enterprises are surprised that application compatibility becomes such a big line item for an application migration project. The costs may not be well considered up front – leading to big surprises mid-project. Application testing for a Fortune 100 company may cost millions of dollars– if it’s done by hand.

Good news. Automating application compatibility can give you clear insight into the time, cost and effort needed for application remediation.  Surprises are eliminated. Timelines can be clearly defined. The best part? It won’t cost you millions of dollars.

Automated application testing shows a very clear picture of what your project entails. Your system integrator could accurately quote the time needed for application remediation, the level of staff needed and any serious issues.

The Citrix AppDNA application migration software includes an Effort Calculator that helps you estimate the time, cost and effort needed in your migration. This example is for 22 applications.

Assess the time, cost and risk of application compatibility with Citrix AppDNA software

The AppDNA software has tested the compatibility of these applications against the enterprise’s customized version of Windows SP 1 as well as the other applications in the test batch.  On the left, you can see before application remediation, 45% of the applications will run well on Windows 7 SP1. On the right, AppDNA software shows you that 95% of the applications can run well if the application remediation suggestions are applied. That’s great news- but wait, there’s more!

All of the blue boxes in the AppDNA Effort Calculator shown here are configurable to your local information. Determine if you want to spend 20 working days on the application compatibility or change the variable to 30 working days – what is the effect on the project?  Split the work across global teams and apply 16 hours a day to the project instead of 10 and see how that affects the time needed.

Back to the budget estimate. In this example, automating application compatibility for 22 applications is estimated to save $12,064.  If you have 100 applications, would that save you $55,000? If you have 2,000 applications, would it save you $1M?

Start to plan your application testing initiatives- and budget – with a trial of the Citrix AppDNA application migration software. With the AppDNA application migration trial test the application compatibility for 10 applications (5 MSI-based and 5 web applications) and use the trial software for 30 days. Share your feedback in the comments below or contact us on Twitter @appdna