As you might have noticed, the cloud infrastructure build-out is happening at breath taking pace. A variety of companies are building public infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. It is the time to pause and check whether your IT infrastructure is ready to take advantage of this trends. Are you ready to shut down your private data center and completely transition to the public clouds? Those pennies do add up quickly over time. How do you find optimal use of these public clouds?

Fortunately, a large amount of analysis went into this and the general recommendation is to leverage the Hybrid Cloud Architecture for optimal costs. In this model, you keep your private data center sized for your average work load and you can address the increase in workloads by renting excess capacity from these public clouds instead of building for the peak capacity. As the cost of the public cloud keeps coming down and the reliability goes up, you can slowly move more of your workload into these clouds.

Now, the challenges:

  • Would you risk putting your sensitive data into the cloud?
  • What about compliance and security?
  • How can you protect your infrastructure from inevitable outages with your cloud provider?
  • Are you getting completely locked into a single provider, preventing you from taking advantage of alternate, lower cost providers when you need them?
  • How can you get a single point of configuration and troubleshooting in your infrastructure, when things go wrong?

Citrix CloudBridge provides a unique architecture and value proposition to address these challenges. Consider a sample enterprise hybrid cloud architecture with 2 corporate Data centers (for redundancy) and two public cloud providers for the compute spikes.

In this picture, the CloudBridge in each location acts as the control point, providing secure connectivity and control between the private and public clouds. Specifically:

  • The connections between the data centers and into the public clouds are agile. They can be initiated as needed by point-and-click or automated by an external orchestrator. CloudBridge can also extend VLANs across the data centers for moving vm’s or to enable compute clusters across geo locations
  • CloudBridge optimally load balances across the compute resources to enable using them as a global pool of compute capacity. You can now expand as needed in the cloud, instantly providing larger capacity across your infrastructure
  • As inevitable outages happen in the external cloud providers, the external traffic is directed to the other locations, thereby providing resiliency
  • CloudBridge helps placing secure data in the corporate data center while providing seamless user experience by optimizing the WAN latencies and improving application performance.

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