Anyone remember Wendy’s “where’s the beef” commercial back in the 80’s? I bet you do!  I still crack up over watching the 3 elderly women lift up the large bun to only find a small hamburger patty that was barely naked to the eye. Not to mention, one of them continuously saying, “where’s the beef?”

As part of deploying critical business applications we have to really think about if our networks are in fact “beefed up” of handling the amount of day-to-day usage by our global employees and end user customers. If for some reason your applications cannot be accessed this becomes a major issue that can result in employee non-productivity or lost revenues. Now let’s go ahead and calculate this scenario and pass the numbers up to the CFO of the company. What are the chances the CIO’s phone rings?  Do you think the board would be happy?  I think not!  Imagine 1, 5 or 7 thousand employees that cannot access this application. Break time!  I recall a large global financial institution provide numbers that it cost them nearly  $30,000.00 in payroll due to one of their primary applications going down for nearly 45 minutes.  That’s a lot of hamburgers!  Can you imagine if this was a trading floor during business hours?  That could equal millions in losses. We may have solved world hunger here!  Hamburgers for all!

I personally would not want to have any conversation with my upper executive management that has a negative impact to losses. What happens when workshifting comes into play?  Tack on another 20-30 minutes and add thousands to the original amount. Ouch!  The numbers are definitely going up, but in the loss category.  Have you noticed that more and more groups – finance, operations and other business units are involved in making sure that applications are consistently up and running?  We run a global 24×7 operation here! We need to ensure our applications are available 99.999%, which still results in 5.256 minutes of downtime annually. Not bad, but acceptable to most standards. Gone are the days of meeting four nines SLA. BTW, did you know that 99.99% uptime results in 52.56 minutes of downtime annually?  Do you not recall having these discussions just a few years back?  We need the application to always be available!

If I’m a large online retailer and prepping for the upcoming holiday season you better believe that I am going to “beef up” and overprovision availability of my .com site to ensure that no downtime occurs.  Same goes for a global enterprise corporations looking to close out end of year books.  If for some reason your orders cannot be processed due to downtime then this can result in many order being delayed causing irate customers to call into your global customer service team. Again, see the trend here?  Other business units at your company are being utilized that cost money. The color Red is something that the CFO does not want to see unless driving in his or her Ferrari.

At Citrix, we believe the right recipe to “beef up” your network resides within our networking products. I mean think about it- application delivery is in our DNA.  We talk, breathe and understand the nature of applications. Products like NetScaler, NetScaler Branch Repeater, NetScaler Cloud Connector, NetScaler AppFirewall and NetScaler Access Gateway can easily provide you with secure, fast and availability of applications!  If you don’t believe me ask one of our 230,000 customers how Citrix transformed their business!