It’s a phrase we hear all too often, along with other classics such as “if it seems to good to be true, it IS too good to be true” and “you can’t get something for nothing”. Well whilst I admit these are often tried, tested and proven – there are always exceptions to the rule! Take Citrix Syndication for example. Here’s a way that you can get current, rich and lead-generating Citrix content and resources delivered straight to your website – for free! Yes, that’s right – for free.

Imagine being able to instantly update your website, gain lead generation assets and marketing tools to help drive users to your showcased content -all within 5 minutes. Sounds great doesn’t it? Instantly update and expand your content in just a few minutes, and rely on us to do the rest.

Want to learn more?
Citrix Syndication is a free program that seamlessly delivers Citrix content directly to your website. To learn more log in to marketing programs within My Citrix. Take a moment to visit the Citrix Syndication Infocenter, view the FAQ’s, including information on how to register. You can even take a look inside with our sample sites and read testimonials from other partners already benefiting.

Seeing is believing.
If you’re joining us at Citrix Summit, Barcelona on October 15-16 then we’d love you to join our session SUM119 on Monday morning at 10:00 am. Here we’ll show you what the Citrix Syndication program is all about – what it is, what’s inside, what’s new and how it works for YOU. We’ll also be on site in the Partner Solutions Centre so drop by and let us demonstrate how this truly rich, and free program can be put to work for you quickly and easily.

Keep up to date on the latest news and enhancements from Citrix Syndication. Follow us on Twitter @ctxsyndication and check out our Blog for regular updates.