Youtube will be culling poor performing content, to better support their goal of gaining advertising revenue. To quote FierceWireless “It’s certainly looking more like a traditional broadcaster that’s interested in advertising dollars and quality viewership.”

Since viewership quantity and quality are key drivers of advertising money  – and advertising will be part of the newly released IOS Youtube app (just in time for the iPhone 5) – YouTube will be looking at additional metrics to quantify the quality of viewership – viewing time, in addition to number of views.

Bytemobile helps operators do the same – track quality of mobile video viewership – across content providers – by tracking the length of video videos, quality (i.e. resolution) of video delivery, user experience (ie. video stalling). For example, our latest Mobile Analytics reportshows that Mobile YouTube sessions last for 8.5 minutes on average, while VEVO sessions are just over eight minutes and Dailymotion sessions are under eight minutes.

-Anna Yong