When you think of teleworking solutions you might not necessarily think that a labor strike would constitute a major remote employee access plan to be activated (some might even consider it a disaster recovery scenario), but on Monday morning here in the United States over 400,000 Chicago, Illinois area students were displaced as the Chicago Teacher Union went on strike. Political differences aside, I started to think what this strike meant for all those employees who would have typically been headed into the office on a Monday morning. Any employee, who is also a parent of a student, probably woke up Monday morning looking for a new plan for both their child care situation and their remote workplace situation.

I’m in no way trying to distract from the seriousness of this situation, but it made me think about how the IT administrators in the Chicago area might be pushing their organization’s remote access strategy to the limit as potentially hundreds of thousands of employees could be affected by this disruption. Although you might not even be affected by the labor dispute in Chicago, you could quickly see how easily the daily operations of your organization can be impacted. It doesn’t have to be a natural disaster as severe as an earthquake or hurricane to disrupt day-to-day business activities. Any disturbance (in this case a labor dispute, but could have easily been something else) throws off the delicate balance of your organization’s ecosystem and greatly affects productivity. I think this event should serve as a simple reminder that we should all review our organization’s remote access strategy. There are many different types of events that can cause a disaster, some require a full failover of the datacenter, but in this case it can be as simple as just providing employees with the access to their existing resources inside the office. This is why I thought I would take a moment to mention that Citrix XenDesktop provides a free 10-user remote access solution with our Remote PC technology.

Remote PC allows you to provide your employees with direct access to their workstation in the office without any additional infrastructure cost. You can go to Citrix.com to download the XenDesktop Express kit that provides the software and licenses to get you up running with Citrix Remote PC today. Remote PC would allow you to provide those displaced employees a simple teleworking solution that enables them to access their desktop/laptop in the office, with all the performance, superior user experience, security and data protection that Citrix technology has been providing to our customer base for 20+ years. Even better, Citrix Remote PC from XenDesktop is more than just a secure mobility solution, it is an IT solution when leveraged with the included FlexCast capabilities (XenDesktop Enterprise edition and higher). Other mobility solutions on the market are typically based on VPN tunnels with device choice restriction, a poor overall user experience involving multiple logins, machine names or addresses, and even protocol degradation. Remote PC eliminates the VPN tunnels, eliminates underperforming connections and provides unlimited device choice via Citrix Receiver. When coupled with SmartAccess, Citrix FlexCast allows IT to enforce different types of connection policies for drive mapping, data control, printers, and much, much more. Download Remote PC now for free, and see what it can do for your organization today!

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