[Update] – Fixed API Users Guide Hyperlink May-7-2013

Investigating the deployment of CloudPortal Services Manager?

Looking to leverage further automation in your new (or existing) CloudPortal service offerings?

Wondering what available API access is out there?

Then look no further than the latest release of the API Users Guide for CloudPoral Services Manager (CPSM) v10. The CloudPortal Services Manager API is a web based API which allows you to interact directly with CPSM without having to utilize the web portal. API access can also be granted on a per-user basis, and gives a user the ability to manage core objects within CPSM (like Customers, Users, and Services) from virtually any programming language.

The guide goes beyond just introductory information, and fills in the gaps on some useful / advanced techniques. It also contains some new content that will both be useful for first timers and experienced API users:

  • The “Making an API Request” section now contains a PowerShell example that will have you hands-on, making your first request, within 5 lines of PowerShell script.
  • There’s a new topic under “Useful Techniques” that will show you how to retrieve properties and hidden properties.
  • A new “Customer Properties” appendix exposes more information about Customer Properties and their valid values.
  • A new “Service Name” appendix table outlines the common / platform services that you can perform actions on.
  • There’s a new section on finding and retrieving reports.
  • The “Granting user’s access to the API” section will walk you through what you need to do in order to configuring a custom API role in order to give to Reseller and Customers (of your choice) access to the API.

If you’re looking for more information about a particular topic or have questions or comments relating to the API, feel free to post within the CloudPortal Services Manager forum. A quick browse through the existing topics may lead you to some answers to common API questions as well. Your feedback will also help us extend the documentation in future releases.

There’s also further information that can be found in CloudPortal KB articles. For instance SharePoint configurationvia the API is fully oulined within this article http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX134841

Note: It is recommended, before deploying the API access into production, that you install HotFix 2 (Cumulative Update 1) on your CloudPortal Services Manager v10 environment. The cumulative update contains some fixes specific to API functionality. HotFix 2 information can be found at the following link http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX134192.

– Happy Coding!