Join Citrix and Microsoft behind the scenes of an IT shop Monday, September 20 at 2:00 PM ET and catch all the action when:

•    A virus strikes
•    Application and device requests flood the company
•    A new player (Operating System) hits the scene
•    Budgets sink to unthinkable lows
•    Executives go wild

During these ninety minutes, you’ll see live re-creations of these scenes as they play out in real life IT shops. We’ll expose the pitfalls of traditional IT management and show how the promise of streamlined infrastructure supervision is a reality today, and what that actually looks like. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry; but most importantly, you’ll see first-hand the unedited and uncensored realities of the Citrix and Microsoft desktop virtualization solution, how it differs from the traditional desktop management model, and the ultimate payoff when implemented.



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