Want to impress your boss? Quickly calculate the cost of preparing for an application migration. Show the value of automating application testing, remediation and virtualization for your XP migration or virtualization project. Instead of wading through spreadsheets, try this new online application management savings calculator that shows the cost of manual testing versus automating the process with the Citrix AppDNA application migration software. Generate a nifty PDF report that will make the boss think you’ve been doing weekend work!

Manual application testing can cost between $1500 and $4000 (USD) to migrate an application to a new platform (including testing, remediation, packaging, QA and user acceptance). Automated application compatibility testing with AppDNA software typically reduces costs to below $450 per application. Remove the smoke test, reduce iterations in the packaging process, and accelerate user acceptance testing by using an automated option.

Citrix AppDNA application management savings calculator

Need to justify spending some budget on new software instead of outsourcing manual work? The Citrix AppDNA  application management savings calculator includes a section to compare your offshoring costs versus automated software as well.

Not currently in a migration? Estimate the value of using AppDNA software for day-to-day application work. The Citrix AppDNA  application management savings calculator also includes calculations for daily application management.