Back in September 2011, one of my colleagues wrote a short blog post on ControlUp, mentioning it as a very useful monitoring solution. Since then, it seems ControlUp became a more complete management solution specifically tailored for XenApp and XenDesktop environments. The tool got some nice coverage from IT expert’s sites like Brian Madden or Trond Eirik Haavarstein.

I had a short session with Smart-X CTO last week, and after we discussed some new features in ControlUp that can make life easier for XenApp admins, I figured this is a good opportunity to share with our Citrix community some of ControlUp abilities that might be of interest.

ControlUp allows you to see and monitor your XenApp servers and XenDesktop VM’s in a single Task Manager-like view. On this view, you can see static data (OS version, installed CPU, installed RAM…), performance data (%CPU utilization, Disk Queue, User sessions…) and some other metrics which are especially useful for XenApp deployments like server uptime and XenApp Server Load. The XenApp Server Load column displays in real-time the ‘qfarm / load’ output and provides a great way to monitor the server’s availability from the Data Collector point of view.

Besides real-time performance grids, ControlUp offers sys-admins the ability to compare and manage the Registry, File System and Windows Services on multiple XenApp servers or XenDesktop VM’s simultaneously using the Controllers tools. The Registry Controller, for example, allows you to compare the HKLM hive on multiple servers, thus revealing important differences between the servers, like the list of installed MS or Citrix hotfixes.

To summarize, I think ControlUp can be a useful management companion to AppCenter, Desktop Director and EdgeSight.

ControlUp is free of charge for managing up to 50 XenDesktop VM’s or XenApp sessions. You can learn more about ControlUp by visiting this link.