This blog is a central repository for all the NetScaler UI themes created to date. To view the details of each theme or use the automated install scripts, please visit the individual blog theme posts. In the near future this blog will consolidate all themes and be a single repository for updates.

Horinzon Theme for Citrix NetScaler

Horizon Version 1.0

The original AG5 and WI 5.4 theme. This is a nice alternative to the caxton black that has been around since the dawn of time.  Pairs well with WI 5.4.
Green Bubble Theme for Citrix NetScaler

Green Bubble Version 1.1

The “Recevier” theme. This theme will marry well with StoreFront Web Receiver and CloudGateway.  Must like green.
Symphony Theme for Citrix NetScaler

Symphony 1.1

The current and I must say most stylish theme Citrix creative has come out with. This is the same theme that festoons the UI of several products now such as the NetScaler 10 Admin UI, Cloudstack Portal, VDI-in-a-Box, and XenClient. Use this theme if you want your freinds to think you are cool.