It is election time for US and it is all about who is better off to lead the country and the first article I read this morning talked about one being ABSOLUTELY better..but heck I can’t figure it out.  However, I can tell you that IT folks worry about security because I talk to these guys way more than I talk with politicians!  And IT folks are ABSOLUTELY better off making sure they have the advanced security strategies in place to better protect their networks.
Here are some reasons to attend Synergy session SYN303:
1) You will get real examples of problems and deployments scenarios from financial, healthcare and enterprise customers.
2) You will hear it from an alumni partner who is also a Citrix Technical Professional (CTP) certified.  And the process itself to be a CTP is very stringent with nominations, selections and expert recognitions being critical parts of the steps.
3) Did you know cross-site scripting is still the most predominant website vulnerability, which was identified in more than 50% of websites?   We can provide more details at the session on this research and source.
4) Come check out our newest NetScaler Application Firewall partner that we are integrating with to better protect customer apps.
5) Why not attend!? – This is about providing innovative security strategies for protecting apps and data
6) Maybe there will be a giveaway of some sort – but got to come to check it out
7) You will learn which industries are slowest in terms of fixing their vulnerabilities and which ones are fastest.
8) And of course, you also get to see the city of Barcelona and eat the most wonderful tapas while you are there!
Here is the Synergy link for more details of all the sessions.  We ABSOLUTELY need you there!