The Citrix-Openstack team is already running automated OpenStack tests against the stable, and the latest XenServer. As the XCP-XAPI is already available for Ubuntu systems, we plan to run the tests against that platform as well. With the help of Mike McClurg, we put together some instructions to easily get started with Ubuntu 12.04 and XCP-XAPI.

Get Started with XCP-XAPI on Precise

The relevant instructions could be found at Install XCP-XAPI on Ubuntu 12.04. At the moment, the documentation only covers the bridge networking, but we plan to implement an openvswitch version soon.


As our goal is to make it easy to run OpenStack on top of XCP-XAPI, we fixed an incompatibility issue in OpenStack. If you are interested in the technical details, you can find it here. Fixing this bug means, that it is no longer required to hack around your XCP-XAPI installation by modifying /etc/xcp/inventory


For our automated XCP-XAPI installations, we created some scripts to do the above job. Should you wish automate your server installations, it might be a good starting point. The repository is at github: citrix-openstack/boxes.

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