Everyone knows that PCs can be great productivity tools, but traditional PCs bring along a host of challenges.  They can be a nightmare to manage, patches can conflict, managing devices and drivers is a huge pain, and they can easily be impacted by corruptions or malware. These are just a few of the challenges that can plague traditional PCs.

Management tools that work inside the operating system can help some of the issues, but without a true client hypervisor, these solutions are really nothing more than a mirage.  They address a few issues, but IT administrators are still left struggling with managing libraries of device drivers.  Moreover, if the a malware or corruption impacts the operating system, they can completely stop functioning since they work inside the operating system and fail due to application conflicts, and the operating system can get corrupted.

Client hypervisors are different.  Because the operating system is running inside the hypervisor in a fully isolated bubble, nothing that happens in the operating system can impact the hypervisor.  This enables organizations to:

  • Manage 1000s of PCs as Easily as 1 – Shared image management technology frees IT from having to worry about device drivers.  They can build a single image and run it anywhere – publishing it to any user no matter what PC he or she is using
  • Instantly Recover from Malware or Corruption – With client hypervisor technology, users can recover from most problems simply by rebooting their machine to automatically restore it to the golden image.  And if the PC has a hardware problem or is stolen, or lost, it’s easy to migrate to a new machine – bringing along your data, profiles, and all your settings automatically.
  • Deliver Complete Isolation and Security – This technology also allows organizations to secure their data (using full disk encryption) as well as run sensitive applications in isolated VMs so they cannot be affected by other applications

Citrix XenClient is a great example of a client hypervisor that can deliver these benefits and many more.  If you have PCs in your organization, give XenClient a try and see how it can radically increase the manageability, security, and reliability of your PCs.

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