Access Gateway has for long, been the de-facto secure remote access solution for your XenApp / XenDesktop deployments. It is a highly scalable and optimized platform, which provides ‘Smart Access’ to your published windows apps and desktops. But the world is changing, isn’t it? The usual windows apps have now been taken over by a storm of web / SaaS based applications. Even beyond that, it is the age of mobility. End users want access to everything, everywhere, on the move. So how do we create a great end user experience with this explosion of applications and consumer platforms?

Solution is CloudGateway. Citrix CloudGateway is a unified storefront that securely delivers mobile, Web and Windows® apps and data to any device, including BYO devices. CloudGateway delivers enterprise mobility by providing employees access to all of their business apps and data while offering IT complete control over their business. It empowers users with a self-service enterprise app store that provides access to business apps and data, and it simplifies IT with identity-based provisioning and control for all apps, data and devices, including employee-owned devices.


More importantly, in the CloudGateway story, every time you access your apps remotely, who does that for you? It’s Access Gateway of course. Access Gateway now becomes the de-facto platform, to provide seamless and optimized remote access your windows apps, desktops, web apps, SaaS apps, mobile apps, and even data. An there’s more: Since Access Gateway and Citrix Receivers are built to smartly talk to each other, it allows Receiver on any platform to access all these applications. Citrix Receiver is available for almost every popular platform (including iOS and Android), Access Gateway lets users access their data and applications, from all these platforms.

So now go Mobile, without worrying about how the users will access their data and applications. Access Gateway, as part of the CloudGateway story, will ensure Secure Remote Access to everything that matters.

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