There comes a point in time in every cheesy movie where the underdog turns a corner. And if you didn’t know he was going to win from the beginning, there is no doubt when the fast tempo music  starts playing and the montage begins.

In the real world things are obviously a little less dramatic then Daniel-san catching a fly in his chopsticks or Happy Gilmore sinking a long put, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  It’s often a series of small victories that happen behind the scenes and then one day you wake up and you’re being challenged by a person or in this case a product when you least expected it.

While the media has been focused on the releases of Hyper-V and RHEV in 2012, Citrix has been focused on upping the ante with XenServer.  Yep, XenServer, that little hypervisor that is a recognized leader by analysts and is powering most of the world’s clouds.  The free virtualization platform that has been downloaded nearly 1 million times.  The leading desktop virtualization platform.  Yep that one.

As we approach the next release of XenServer, Citrix is playing “Eye of the Tiger”and hitting the speed bag in preparation for a major win.  Citrix XenServer adoption has been at an all-time high in 2012 and with the pending delivery of much anticipated features like live storage migration  and cloud security tools for CloudStack /CloudPlatform, we expect it will only continue to accelerate. In a recent Xen MasterClass webinar  attendees couldn’t wait to test the new features and enhancements being demonstrated.

Some comments –

Q: Sorry guys have to run to see a client (that was going to get VMWare actually!), I am SUPER interested, please send me the Beta of this and also the link for the video and I’ll finish watching later.

Q: WOW love it!  Was going to order VMWare 5.0 Essentials and Veeam today….  Now I want this instead.  When can I get it?

Q: Blowing my mind with all these new amazing features!!!  I have always loved Xen (first with USB passthrough etc), but now I have many things to tell all our guys that are VMWare lovers….

Stay tuned for the new and improved XenServer coming to a Server, Cloud or Desktop near you!

If you can’t wait – visit us at VMworld Booth #735 for a live demonstration of the latest and greatest.