Pop Diva Beyoncé asked the question, “Who runs the World”? Her response: “Girls”. It’s evident she didn’t know that when it comes to Cloud convergence, Mobile workstyles and Desktop Virtualization, Citrix Runs the world…because the world runs on Citrix.

Yes I said it. In fact, Summit and Synergy San Francisco 2012 ran on Citrix. Over 6000 event attendees experienced Citrix solutions. Beginning with the registration system, attendees checked in on Zero-client HP terminals that connected them to a XenApp environment, which delivered Windows7 virtual desktop applications. As with Enterprise companies who turn to hybrid environments to combine the benefits of private and public clouds, the Citrix Technical Infrastructure team leveraged Softlayer’s private cloud to host a reliable and secure Citrix Cloud convergence solution. Engineered by Brian Sheppard, Citrix Staff Software Test Engineer, 11 virtual machines were hosted in the cloud that ran the event registrations system:

  • 3 Citrix XenApp servers
  • 2 web interface servers
  • 2 Cloud Citrix NetScalers that are working together with 2 local NetScalers to provide load balancing, fault tolerance, and performance enhancement
  • 3 infrastructure VMs(Active Directory, Domain Name Service and SQL)
  • 2 Citrix licensing servers

Even the Learning Lab environment was hosted on SoftLayer’s Cloud where Stacy Scott and her development team deployed over 700 XenServer virtual servers.

If you attended Summit or Synergy earlier this year, you also experienced Desktop Virtualization at Internet Access pods throughout the Hilton and Moscone West. Powered by XenDesktop 5.5, Michael Rock, Citrix Lead Software Engineer, created an environment delivering a wide rage of virtual desktops that featured  Windows 7, Microsoft Office Suite Applications and GoToMeeting with HD Faces…a full HDX experience provided by Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.0.

Not only was the core infrastructure that supported multiple functions running on Citrix technology, but the technical infrastructure was scoped, designed, managed and supported by Citrix employees; that’s the meaning of ‘Powered by Citrix.’ I’d be remised to not mention them by name as they volunteered countless hours before and during the show, dedicating themselves to make it all happen. So thank you Brian Sheppard, Michael Rock, Kpayah Tamba, Jeremy Demetrius, Livius Gonzalez, Jose Brenes, Andrew Garfield, Gene Whitaker, Lokaraju Pedapalli, Edward Cintron and Tony Truong. It was awesome working with a group of guys whose passion for Citrix made Summit and Synergy 2012 the success it was.

For those who have yet to register for our EMEA event this October, what are you waiting for? You too will experience Citrix Solutions. As we continue our plans to showcase Citrix technology throughout the event, I will host a blog series that will provide behind-the-scene updates on our progress. So be sure to follow me on Twitter and subscribe to this RSS Feed.

Fabian D. Wright

Technical Marketing Manager, Corporate Events